Day 1 – Planning

For all you want to be bakers out there, this is for you. I myself can bake a desert out of a box and that is it. I have managed to conquer the basic skills of preparing a decent meal for my family. I am satisfied with that aspect of my life. What bothers me is, I can not bake! I am a new mom of a 15 month old and I would love to be able to bake a badass birthday cake for him, or even a decent desert for the husband. We’ve all seen the shows like Nailed It or Cake Wars, this will be my interpretation from my own kitchen. I can not promise elegance or savvy baking skills. I invite you to take this budget baking journey with me. There is a possibility that one of us will succeed.

This is where the baking on a budget will come in, I am a stay at home mom and will not be baking with any fancy ingredients. I will be using the same old ingredients our grandmothers used, you know like butter and eggs. I plan to find my recipes on the well known Pinterest, reason being is my cookbooks are ancient and I need pictures if I am going to do this. Check back with me this Friday, August 10th. I will have a recipe picked out with the finished picture, along with my finished product. Can’t wait to get started! Happy Baking!


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