Taste Test

The Cake has sat on the kitchen table looking so lonely… I wonder if the beauty of the swirls has lessened the chances of it being eaten? That is what I am choosing to believe. However, my brave husband did have a hearty slice. I paced around the room waiting for his critique. He said for the most part it was decent, a little dense but then again eatable. The second response was concerning that evil fondant, he said it had a strange taste and was quite gummy. I am assuming that is just how fondant taste? I checked on the line and most people have had the same response concerning fondant. There is a recipe that shows marshmallows being added to fondant. I find this fascinating, I want to try this soon. My believe is marshmallows could possibly fix just about anything and everything concerning the sweets. Marshmallows could possibly be lumped in the same category as the all mighty duct tape!!!

For now, my searches for my next baking expedition seem to be gravitating toward cupcakes with some type of decorations. I am on the hunt as we speak. Again I will post the should be picture then the aftermath of what I have created. Happy Baking to all! I should have my master cupcakes completed by 8/17.


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