One skunk, two skunks, three skunks….

Ladies and gents, I doubt any baking will be taking place for a couple of days. For the last few days I have been battling skunks. Yes you read that right, I said skunks!! Three cute little baby skunks. These sneaky creatures have decided to dig holes by my front porch and relocate. What is odd is the fact that we are in the city, and I do mean city living. There’s a fast food joint on just about every corner. I’ve done my duty and contacted animal control, they have been so kind to lend me a couple of traps along with cat food to capture these wildlings. The cat food will not be used for there are several trash cats that wonder the streets. My luck I would catch one. So I am using dog food, which was highly suggested by my all knowing neighbor. As with everything in my life, I did research how to redirect the skunks without the use of traps. Oh boy the things I read about. One person suggested using pee!!! That was a pass for me. The other option I found was moth balls. To me this seemed do able. After purchasing a large smelly box, I scattered them around my front porch, flower beds, and even tossed a couple of balls towards my neighbors home. The balls were not a success. I managed to set one trap and this morning there was one inside plotting revenge. Animal control picked the little one up this morning. For now everything on my property smells like skunks and mothballs. Once the smell has faded baking shall begin again. My advice to you is use dogfood, do not waste your time with moth balls, and buy the pee if you can hold a straight face while asking your local feed store associate for the piss. Happy Baking to all!


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