No more skunks!

I am happy to report the last of the three babies skunks left my residence today!! I am on a mad hunt looking for my next baking experiment. I will have a decision made very soon. Happy Baking to all!!

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Taste Test

The Cake has sat on the kitchen table looking so lonely… I wonder if the beauty of the swirls has lessened the chances of it being eaten? That is what I am choosing to believe. However, my brave husband did have a hearty slice. I paced around the room waiting for his critique. He said […]

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The reveal!

Well I am a day late but the cake is finally done! For such a tiny cake, it sure did give me hell. There were several things that did not go in my favor. First being I have never used fondant in my life. I believe fondant emerges out of the mist of an evil […]

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Finally Found One!

After extensive searching I believe I finally found a cake to try and bake. I know this post is a early but I wanted to go ahead and post the picture of the original cake. To me this cake looks adorable and I am excited to get to baking. I made my grocery list and […]

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